I understand HOW;

I do not understand WHY.

devon marie
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The name's Devon. [aka Devo, Devvy-Kins, Devvy-Wevvy] I usually add my middle name to that [Marie] because it sounds better. I'm sixteen && a Junior in high school. =]


Baking cookies, being sneakysneaky, blogging, cleaning, dancing, gaming, graphic design, ladder golfing [don't ask], laying in the street, photography, playing with the dog, reading, singing, stealing clothing from boys, teasing emo kids, teasing neighbors, && walking around town.


3 Doors Down, 30 Seconds To Mars, 311, Alanis Morissette, The All-American Rejects, The Arctic Monkeys, Armor For Sleep, Atreyu, Avril Lavigne, Black Eyed Peas, Boxcar Racer, Brand New, Breaking Benjamin, Bryan Adams, Chevelle, Daft Punk, Death Cab For Cutie, Deftones, Evanescence, Finger Eleven, Fort Minor, Frou Frou, Fuel, Goo Goo Dolls, Gorillaz, Hawthorne Heights, Imogen Heap, Incubus, Injected, Jack's Mannequin, Jimmy Eat World, The Killers, Lifehouse, Linkin Park, Lostprophets, Marron 5, Mizi, Motion City Soundtrack, Muse, Nickelback, Panic! At The Disco, A Perfect Circle, Pink, The Postal Service, Queen, Revis, Rise Against, Rob Thomas, Saliva, She Wants Revenge, Shinedown, The Smashing Pumpkins, Snow Patrol, Something Corporate, Staind, Sugarcult, Taking Back Sunday, Three Days Grace, && Trapt.


1987, Angels && Demons, Animal Farm, Bag Of Bones, The Dark Tower, Desperation, Farienheit 451, Feed, Four Past Midnight, Gerald's Game, The Green Mile, Harry Potter, Hearts In Atlantis, IT, Lord Of The Rings, The Lovely Bones, Misery, Night, Prep, 'Salem's Lot, The Secret Life Of Bees, Secrets, The Stand, Timeline, The Time Travler's Wife, The Tommyknockers, Twins, && World's Fair.


About Adam, Anger Management, Cast Away, Closer, Corpse Bride, The Crow, Cruel Intentions, Dragon Heart, Edward Scissorhands, Finding Nemo, Finding Neverland, Fight Club, Flowers In The Attic, Frequency, Garden State, Gattaca, Ghost Ship, Gladiator, Ice Age, Identity, Interview With A Vampire, Jerry Maguire, Kill Bill [Vol. I && II], Kung Pow!, Little Black Book, Lord Of The Rings, The Matrix [I, II, && II], Mean Girls, Meet Joe Black, Meet The Parents, Minority Report, My Girl, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Notebook, October Sky, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Reindeer Games, The Rock Horror Picture Show, Saw [I && II], Seven, Signs, The Sixth Sense, Stargate, Swing Kids, Troy, Twisted, Unbreakable, Where The Heart Is, && The X-Men [I, II, && III].


The 4400, The Bedford Diaries, CSI:, Desperate Housewives, The Fairly Odd Parents, Grey's Anatomy, Looney Tunes, The Simpsons, So You Think You Can Dance, Tom && Jerry, War At Home, What Not To Wear, && While You Were Out.


Big Mutha Truckers, Civilization III, Final Fantasy X [I && II], Kingdom Hearts [I && II], && The Sims [I && II].



&&, , ;, =], a nightmare before christmas, allison holker, animal farm, axe, being a camera whore, being lazy, being spazztastic, benjelle, benji schwimmer, billy and mandy, black and white graphics, black and white photos, black nail polish, blonde hair, bright nail polish, bunny, candles, chocolate, choir, civilization iii, closer, csi:, curse words, daft punk, dan karaty, danielle steel, death cab for cutie, desperate housewives, deviantart, dirty dancing sora, donyelle jones, eating, enigma, fairly odd parents, fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake nails, falloutboy, family drama, fanfiction, ffxii, final fantasy, frou frou, garden state, gay boys, ghost ship, graphic design, graphics, grey's anatomy, harry potter, having a paid account, highschool, highschool drama, hoodies stolen from boys, html, humanities i, ice tea, imogen heap, incubus, interview with a vampire, ivan koumaev, ivison, johnny depp, jumpy music, khii, kicking the internet, kingdom hearts, krispy kremes, kung pow, linkin park, livejournal, loney toons, lord of the rings, love letters, lyrics with meaning, marquees, meet joe black, mia michaels, mix cds, mix tapes, mort rainey, motion city soundtrack, movies made for school, my 'juniors', my fair brady, myspace, natalie portman, nickelback, not having braces, pampered devon nights, photography, photoshop, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, playing with boys' hair, playing with my hair, pole dancing sora, popcorn, pretending i sing well, prizes from the fair, really weird kid cartoons, red hair, saw, scary movies, schoolgirl crushes, secret window, senior boys, shane sparks, she wants revenge, showcase concerts, slash, sleeping, sleepy hollow, soyouthinkyoucandance, staind, stars, stealing clothing from boys, stephen king, stock photos, sweet phonecalls, taking random pictures, tall boys, teasing emo kids, techno, textures, the 4400, the all-american rejects, the last vampire, the matrix, the peanuts, the sims, the time traveler's wife, tie dye, tiny toons, tom and jerry, tranji, travis wall, vampires, vanilla ice cream, walking in the rain, web videos, writing, x-play, xanga, xd